April 23, 2023 Event Details

Today’s Guest Speaker

Dave Raymond

Dave Raymond is a real-life superhero. As a teenager, Dave was thrust into a leadership role at his very first job and handed an incredibly important project. After years of working on the project, it’s been an international success; affecting millions of people around the world. The project was simple; use kindness and fun as a leader to make others happier. He led this very unique project for nearly 20-years as the first Phillie Phanatic for the Philadelphia Phillies (their award winning, multi-billion-dollar brand-extension & mascot). He continues the work today as an international keynote speaker and consultant as Dave’s own life and happiness continue to evolve.

Dave’s work – media calls him the “Hero of Happiness” – has been featured on HBO, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, the New York Times, Jimmy Kimmel Live and more. He spent 20-years honing his leadership skills during his performance career as the Phanatic. Now, Dave speaks about his experiences with leaders from some of the world’s top organizations (Capital One, the FBI, the NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA) and high school leadership conferences and workshops around the country.

During Dave’s talks, attendees will explore how they can use fun and happiness as a secret superpower to help them create and design their own leadership voice, their leadership brand and their sphere of influence for those around them. Dave teaches a few simple steps for any young leader to use to get started. And he will empower your audience to “keep up the good work” long after his talks and workshops are over. Dave’s work will make your own leadership journey, your school, teams, classrooms, communities, and even personal lives happier.

More information about Dave is available at www.daveraymondspeaks.com