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From customizable in-school sessions to memorable multi-school events and empowering summer camps, SYLP offers transformative experiences designed to unlock individual leadership capabilities.

Sharing Core Skills

Our focus is on helping students define clear paths toward their goals and providing them with the skills and mindset needed for success.

Through our program, students have the opportunity to hear from individuals with diverse perspectives, broaden their horizons, and enhance their understanding of the world. We prioritize building confidence in themselves, their abilities, and their potential, fostering a passionate belief that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Through SYLP, students have the opportunity to meet new, like-minded peers in a dynamic and fun environment. We make the path to individual leadership more accessible and motivating through engaging tools and concepts that help students clarify and commit to their dreams.

When a student interacts with SYLP, we support them with:

  • Reflecting on their unique dreams and ambitions 
  • Becoming more thoughtful and reflective about their thoughts and feelings
  • Better understanding individual leadership and ways to build character ethic
  • Defining and creating a plan for their dreams
  • Identifying, embracing, and enhancing their character ethic

Common Topics

  • Character Ethic

  • Relationships

  • Mindset

  • Dreams and Freedoms

  • Gratitude

Types of Experiences

  • In-School Sessions 

    SYLP's in-school sessions meet students where they are to deliver engaging presentations, workshops, and activities without leaving campus. We can adjust the program to best fit the needs of any school, educator, or classroom.

    Customizable components:

    • Program length
    • Topics
    • Time of day
    • Number of students
    • Grade level (8 – 12)
    • Location (e.g., classroom, auditorium, gymnasium, library)

  • Multi-School Events 

    A nod to SYLP’s roots, we host multi-school events to bring together hundreds of students and their teachers at a local college or university for an interactive session that enables students to be back at their schools for dismissal.

    During these events, participants have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers from different schools to embrace new leadership concepts and understand different perspectives. SYLP provides compelling activities that range from fun ice-breakers to more in-depth examinations of leadership concepts. Siegfried professionals, alongside the teachers and mentors in attendance, aid students in sharing their perspectives in small groups as well as in front of the broader group, contributing to a larger conversation that empowers students with a platform to be heard. Then, they hear from inspiring guest speakers and presenters to jumpstart their journeys toward becoming stronger individual leaders and building the futures they want.

  • Summer Camp

    The SYLP Economics Summer Camp immerses a small group of high school students and rising college freshmen in a week-long educational summer camp on the University of Delaware’s campus. Guided by Dr. Carlos Asarta and sponsored by Rob and Kathy Siegfried, the summer camp enables access to focused activities, including lectures and workshops led by visiting professors and local professionals.

    During their time on campus, students are encouraged to explore the topics of economics, leadership, and entrepreneurship in a college classroom setting. Through interactive and experiential activities, they learn the importance of developing financial literacy and preparing for a fulfilling life while finding and pursuing their passions.

    As part of the immersive program, attendees build strong bonds with their peers by participating in relationship-building activities on and around campus, such as baseball games, upscale dinners hosted by local owners and entrepreneurs, and escape room challenges.

    Currently, the SYLP Economics Summer Camp takes place at the University of Delaware. For more information about our upcoming camp, please contact us!

Ready to experience SYLP?

If you’re curious about SYLP and want to learn more how you, your school, or your child can get involved, explore our different SYLP offerings.