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For Educators

SYLP supports growth inside and outside the classroom with resources and tools for teachers to leverage and compound the value of the program.

How to succeed with SYLP

  • Who is the best fit for SYLP?  

    • Teachers and mentors who are leaned into and inspired by our higher purpose and see the value in leadership concepts being introduced to students in grades 8 – 12
    • Students who have demonstrated strong character ethic and are open minded, goal oriented, and ready to participate in thoughtful reflection, as well as embrace a forward-looking mindset of transformative growth.
  • How does SYLP work best?

    • We know that SYLP works best when experienced in a rhythmic manner. Our hope is that we can share leadership concepts with students on a more regular basis to build on their transformative effects.
    • If you have participated in SYLP in the past and would like to bring some of our concepts and tools into your classroom to keep the conversation going, please contact us!

Insights from SYLP participants


  • Entertaining, engaging, and inspiring
  • Unique opportunity to hear different perspectives and consider dreams 
  • Eager to return to gauge progress on accomplishing goals
  • Informative, but easy to understand


  • Can’t-miss opportunity for students
  • Nothing else like it
  • Feels special and centered around successful outcomes for student futures
  • Inspiring to all participants beyond the classroom
  • Impactful (both short and long term) and transformative

SYLP is staying ahead of the education trends!

  • Life-long learning (growth-mindset) 

    • Learning isn’t just something you do in school – it’s a life-long process. SYLP energizes students toward learning, both now and when looking forward to their Bigger Futures.
  • Essential skills such as entrepreneurial and innovative learning  

    • SYLP empowers students to be creative and curious. Students become comfortable leveraging an entrepreneurial mindset and changing their perspectives as they clarify their unique dreams and ambitions.
  • Interactive learning and activities

    • SYLP sessions and events provide students with the unique opportunity to share their experiences and insights, interact with presenters and guest speakers, and work together with their peers toward growth. The program consistently innovates its tools, concepts, and approach, which teachers can take away and implement in their classrooms.
Educator Events

Educator Events

Stay tuned for an upcoming educator meeting or dinner in your area!


“Thank you for the leadership conference. After last year’s, I’ve been excited for the next one. I’ve had my struggles, like everyone has, and sometimes I find myself feeling a little lost and feeling like I’m just faking who I am out of comfort. This year, I felt like I really connected to what the speaker said. It helped me reevaluate some of my thoughts and feelings, and how to keep pushing forward. Thank you for creating a safe environment for us to share and expand.”

SYLP Student

Have a Question?

Want to attend our next event or bring SYLP into your school? Reach out to us to get the ball rolling today!