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Debunking common myths about youth leadership

Youth leadership is a fairly common phrase. But if you asked most people to describe youth leadership, I think they’d come up a little short. They would focus on how it helps the “smartest” kids with the “highest potential” build a conventionally successful future.

But as a high school teacher and advisor, I’ve seen firsthand how powerful leadership training for students can be when done in a way that speaks to everyone and focuses on becoming a leader from the inside out. It’s just one of the reasons I find the Siegfried Youth Leadership Program® (SYLP) so uniquely powerful.

Over the last few years, I’ve been to several SYLP events. Whenever I discuss it with others or try to demonstrate the importance of leadership for high school students, I generally hear a few of the same questions or statements.

And with that in mind, I wanted to dispel two of the most common “myths” I hear about youth leadership.

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“Thank you for the leadership conference. After last year’s, I’ve been excited for the next one. I’ve had my struggles, like everyone has, and sometimes I find myself feeling a little lost and feeling like I’m just faking who I am out of comfort. This year, I felt like I really connected to what the speaker said. It helped me reevaluate some of my thoughts and feelings, and how to keep pushing forward. Thank you for creating a safe environment for us to share and expand.”

SYLP Student

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